The Federal Center for Neurosurgery (Tumen)

The Federal Center for Neurosurgery was established in 2011 and for such a short time made a rapid breakthrough in the development of neurosurgical high-tech care.

The Center consists of 5 departments:

  • neurooncology;
  • children’s neurosurgery;
  • vertebrology;
  • functional neurosurgery;
  • cerebrovascular neurosurgery.

There are no analogues of advanced equipment used in the Center in Russia as well as in the most foreign clinics. This allows to provide assistance to the patients at the highest international level. To date, the Center is on par with the world’s leading neurosurgical centers.

In the clinic, minimally invasive operations are performed, which minimize the degree of trauma to healthy tissues, not reducing the effectiveness of the surgery.

The Federal Center for Neurology employs experienced and highly qualified specialists who constantly improve the quality of their work, and have passed training in leading clinics of Russia and abroad..

Over the years of operation of the medical institution, the doctors of the center conducted about 18 thousand operations for adults and children. Every year, the volume of surgical interventions in the center reaches 4,000 surgeries per year. The clinic is used by patients from 79 Russian regions and 14 countries of the near and far abroad.

In the center of neurosurgery, various educational events are held, including conferences for neurosurgeons from around the world (from France, Japan, Switzerland etc.).

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