Aleksey Karachun

The Board member of the Russian Society of Endoscopic Surgeons and Surgical Society of Pirogov, Internationla Association for the study of Gastric Cancer (IGCA), European Society of Surgical Oncology (ESSO), European Association of intraluminal Surgery (EATS), European Association of Endocsopic Surgery (EAES)
Head of the surgical department of abdominal oncology
Doctor of medical sciences

Main specialization

Surgery / Oncology


  • Military-medical Academy named after S. Kirov

Sphere of practical interests

surgical and complex treatment of locally advanced and metastatic stomach cancer, esophageal cancer, tumors of the pancreatoduodenal zone, colonic and rectum, endovideosurgical interventions in oncology.

Professional achievements and experience:

  • Years 1994-1997 resident of the emergency surgery department of the Ussuri military hospital.
  • Years 1997-2000 passes clinical residency at the Department of Surgery (improvement of doctors with the course of emergency surgery) in Military-medical Academy on the basis of the Leningrad Regional Oncology Dispensary.
  • In 2000 defended his thesis on the topic «Differential diagnosis of chronic ulcers and ulcerative forms of stomach cancer» on specialties surgery and oncology.
  • Years 2000-2011 in the Leningrad Regional Oncology Dispensary, the doctor-oncologist of 1st surgical (thoraco-abdominal) department.
  • Years 2000-2011. in the Military Medical Academy named after S. Kirov, Associate Professor of the 2nd Department of surgery for the doctors improvement.
  • Since 2011 until now – head of the surgical department od abdominal oncology.
  • In 2008 conferred the title of Associate Professor. Colonel of the medical reserve center.
  • In 2014 he defended his thesis for the degree of the Doctor of Medical Sciences on the topic «Differential surgical tactics of treatment for patients with stomach cancer» - specialization «oncology».
  • Chief investigator and coordinator of several international clinical researches.
  • Participant of scientific conferences, master classes, trainings in leading clinics of Russia, CIS, Belgium, Great Britain, South Korea, Japan, USA, France, Germany, Poland, Romania, Hungary, China, Spain, Serbia etc.