Clinical Center MEDSI Pyatnitskoye shosse

MEDSI Pyatnitskoye shosse is a multidisciplinary medical and preventive institution, able to offer patients comfortable conditions and the help of highly qualified specialists. The hospital capacity allows to provide assistance for up to 10.000 patients per year.

At the moment, the clinic employs 5 doctors of medical sciences and professors, 32 candidates of medical sciences, 4 honored doctors of Russia.

The conditions that the Center has at its disposal allow the specialists working in it to provide a full range of services – from comprehensive diagnosis and preparatory stage to postsurgical period. For surgical intervention, modern equipment and newest means of combating oncological diseases are used.

The hospital is able to provide comfortable conditions for patients, who wish to receive personalized services. MEDSI is located in the forest park area, that provides a quick rehabilitation period due to food ecology.

The structure of the clinic includes:

  • Polyclinic;
  • Day hospital;
  • Hospital for 250 places;
  • Department of rehabilitation.
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