National Medical Research Center of oncology named after N. Blokhin

NMRC named after N. Blokhin is the legal successor of the Institute of Experimental Pathology and cancer therapy of Academy of Medical Sciences USSR. The center bears the name of the founder and the first director, who managed to gather the best representatives of science and health in one clinic, having created the leading domestic scientific and practical school.

At the moment the NMRC named after N. Blokhin is the largest oncology clinic in Russia and Europe, as well as one of the largest oncological clinics in the world, which carries out all types of cancer care. The center employs more than 3500 people. Among them: 5 academicians, 7 corresponding members of RAS and 89 professors.

NMRC named after N. Blokhin has 5 branches, among which there are research laboratories for pediatric and adult clinical oncology, experimental diagnostics and therapy of malignant formations and s.o.

The center offers patients highly qualified medical care, carried out using the latest and experimental abilities of treatment and prevention. Employees of the institute are dealing with the introduction of modern technologies and devices to improve the diagnostic and treatment process.

The structure includes the following SRI:

  • Clinical oncology for 850 places;
  • Pediatric oncology and hematology for 150 places;
  • Research Institute of Clinical and Experimental Radiology for 50 places;
  • Department of carcinogenesis, which includes 16 laboratories;
  • Center of Experimental Diagnosis and Tumor Therapy, which includes 15 laboratories.
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