Global Medical Assistance is ready to cooperate with insurance companies to provide high-quality treatment for patients with oncological and other critical diseases in Russia. On partnership, you can call us at the cell phone +7-977-307-78-78, write an e-mail to or leave an application.

The target of the company Global Medical Assistance (GMA.LIFE) – the organization of effective and qualified medical care in Rusisa in case of detection of an oncological or other serious critical diseases.

In Russia, all conditions for the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of such patients have been created. For now 703 000 doctors and 1 300 000 nurses and paramedics work in the country. There are 64 medical educational centers on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Global Medical Assistance cooperates with the leading Russian clinics and federal centers specializing in various diseases: oncology, cardiology, eye microsurgery, neurosurgery. All clinics employ highly professional medical personnel, have modern equipment for carrying out the most complex surgeries, have created all conditions for the rehabilitation of patients.

Expert Council of GMA.LIFE consists of doctors with a worldwide reputation, possessing international certificates. This is a guarantee that the patients are correctly diagnosed, as fast as possible and routinely prescribed for further treatment.

All partner clinics have modern diagnostic equipment, which allows to detect diseases even before the appearance of clinical signs, i.e. at the earliest stage. The ultra-technological equipment used in operating complexes helps to conduct the most complex surgical interventions, harshly increasing the patient's chance of recovery.

Global Medical Assistance provides a thoughtful and shortest path for routing a patient from the time of handling the problem to providing qualified and timely medical help. Besides, GMA.LIFE allows the insurer to choose a place for receiving primary consultation and diagnosis of the disease and a second medical report in accordance with his complains, conduction a follow-up survey.

The obligatory format for determining the tactics of treatment is a medical concilium. Within its frameworks, based on all necessary research, a group of expert doctors decides which treatment methods are acceptable and most effective in each case.

Thanks to all above factors, patients in the shortest possible time receive a correct diagnosis of their disease and effective treatment, which greatly increases the possibility of recovery and the fastest passage of rehabilitation