The diagnostic and treatment center of the International Biological Systems Institute, named after Sergey Berezin (Saint-Petersburg)

MIBS named after S.Berezin (earlier TDS MIBS) provides cancer patients with affordable and high-tech medical care since 2003. At the moment, the Berezin Institute allows to make magnetic resonance and multispiral computed tomography in more than 65 cities of Russia, Armenia and Ukraine.

MIBS has the ability to use high-grade diagnostics with modern instrumental methods – MRI, MSCT, PET/CT, digital mammography, ultrasound diagnostics and s.o.

The Institute is the first clinical center of proton therapy in Russia, offers inpatient treatment with the need of surgical intervention.

The Clinical Center is actively involved in the development of radiosurgery, for the first year of work, having carried out more than 300 successful surgical interventions.

MIBS named after S.Berezin united in it’s premises many experienced doctors, is training new personnel and is actively developing, being one of the leading centers in the cancer treatment direction.

The structure of the institution accommodates more than 90 diagnostic centers of magnetic resonance and multispiral computed tomography. This is the first in Russian Federation and the CIS countries, Clinical Center of proton therapy, having in its arsenal such methods as:

  • Cyber knife – robotic system designed to treat tumors of any location with submillimeter accuracy, which reduces the risk of radiation damage to healthy tissues.
  • Gamma knife – a system, designed to treat bulky brain formations.
  • Proton therapy – the most effective method of radiotherapy, where the maximum accuracy of the defeat of malignant cells is achieved with the help of protons, which significantly reduces the risk of secondary oncology and side effects
  • Stereotactic radiotherapy – allows to fix accurately tumor localization, to minimize the risk of exposure to healthy cells.
  • Conformal Radiation Therapy (3D) – is a safe method of treating bulk cancer tumors with the use of a special linear accelerator.
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