National Medical Research Center named after academician E.Meshalkin (Novosibirsk)

NMRC named after E.Meshalkin – is one of the largest multidisciplinary clinical centers of Siberia. The main focus of scientific interests of the Center is the solution of problems of cardiac surgery, oncology, neurosurgery and related pathologies.

A team of experienced specialists provides high-quality medical care, that meets the international medical standards. At the moment, the clinic employs almost 2.000 employees, among them academicians and corresponding members of Russian and leading international academies, professors, doctors of sciences.

Thanks to the availability of highly qualified scientific personnel, it became possible to conduct trainings, related to the solution of cardiological and oncological problems.

Over the year, the clinic is able to help more than 20 thousand patients. Consultative and diagnostic services have received about 100 thousand people.

The clinic uses following methods, such as:

  • The surgical system da Vinci;
  • Stereotactic conformal radiation therapy;
  • Brachytherapy of the prostate;
  • Oncoortopedics;
  • Hypofraction therapy.
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